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We are a team of very experienced coaches and consultants. Both of us are adoptive german citizens who found in Berlin our home. We complement each other perfectly and have worked together since 2013.


Rosana Pfaffe
Maria Yasinovskaya


Certified Organizational Consultant and Executive Coach. Specialist in creative methods. Licenciate in Business Administration, MSc. in Finance from HEC Lausanne. 20 Years international experience, over twelve years as executive. Rosana was born in Argentina and has lived and worked in New York, London, Buenos Aires, Berlin and Zürich. Hobbies: painting, yoga, meditation and neuroscience  

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Certified Business Coach, Trainer and HR Consultant. Personal development and growth enthusiast. B.A. in Social Sciences and M.A. in Human Resource Management. Over 8 years of experience in International HR Management (incl. overseeing 8 European countries). Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, found her second home in Berlin. Hobbies: beach volleyball, yoga, psychology, reading and music.

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